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About CalFireMuseum

The CDFMuseum was inspired by small group of Retirees and was initially founded in January of 2000. It was the desire of the group “To capture record and preserve the history of the CDFFP throughout the State of California”.
The acquisition of historical artifacts, documents and images is a never ending program for an Agency founded in the early 1900’s.  The Agency was first created as the Department of Forestry in 1905.  It is difficult to explain the mission and breadth of the Department in just a few sentences, the Department continues to administer programs that include Fire Protection, Resource Management, Fire Prevention, Communications, Office of State Fire Marshal, Board of Forestry just to mention a few, and what Cal Fire is best known for is California’s Fire Department.
The idea to form the Museum was initially the brain child of Jarrel Glover, a retired FC with many years of Service with CDF.  His enthusiasm was contagious and  fellow retirees soon joined together to form basic NON Profit Corporation dedicated to preserving the history before it passed away. (see picture this page)  The Museum currently has 21 Fire Engines, 5 of which are in restored condition and pressed into service at various public functions.  The remainder of the Museum owned Engines are in various stages of restoration and storage.
The Museum staff is all volunteer, all the time.  Our primary source of Support is Donations by current Cal Fire Employees and Retirees thru Payroll Deduction.  Contact Us to acquire the necessary paperwork.
Other forms of Donations are appreciated, from personal collections of historical artifacts to cash donations to finance the work ahead.
Which brings us to the reason for this page, to explain the programs we are working towards, raise funds to acquire artifacts and eventually acquire a suitable property and build permanent displays for public exhibition’s and archival storage of historical artifacts.  As of this date, Early 2014 this site is being constructed to showcase images, history and recorded media for public consumption, as the collection grows Subscription Services will be enabled to assist in the financial needs of the Organization.  In a nutshell, basic content will always be free for public viewing,  for those with an interest a small subscription can be purchased on a yearly basis allowing detailed access to artifact images and documents.  An Oral History Program is planned in 2014 where retired and active Firefighters can share their experiences in written and, where possible  audio/video recordings will be made so that each contributor can “tell their story” in a personal and candid manner.
We look forward to publishing the Medal of Valor Recipient’s and are providing the means to compile a Registry of Past and Present CDF firefighters that will document service of anyone who participated in the CDF experience.
Thanks for Visiting the Cal Fire Museum. Please consider a Subscription or a Payroll Deduction to support this work.


Founding Board of Directors with CDF Director Geldert.
L-R Fred Schmidt, Jerry Glover, Dan Lang, Director Dale Geldert, Jan Newman, Ernie Balmforth, Jim Wagner, Denny Strong.


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