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Feb 132015

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This is a way for us to collect the living history of CDF / Cal Fire. Well, what is the living history of Cal Fire? It’s the firefighters of many years past, those here now and those yet to respond to the many rescues, traffic accidents and brush fires that Cal fire has been routinely handling for many years. But most importantly, it’s the people who everyday rush into harms way to serve the needs of the citizens of this great State. Those calls, those rescues, the responses have only a few stories been recorded, written down as simply a call time, a response time and a return to quarters. There’s a lot to be told about the sacrifices and risks taken by each member of the CDF/Cal Fire Team.
We are currently engaged in the recovery of many of these records, but the best part of the information is held by the firefighters who made that history. We are asking you to provide the best memory of these experiences, responses and hard fought campaigns here in this media where they can be shared and preserved. Many of the memories have all ready passed away. If you have a recollection of those who have gone before, we would encourage you to provide us with the info so we can include it.
Please look at the sample located on the Calfiremuseum Website to help organize your submission. Start by collecting 2 pictures, one from your youth,and one that isn’t .Begin by signing up on the new record link. The email address you provide will be the means for you to login and edit your submission. A few of us are not that computer literate! This is not that kind of test, send us an email and we can assist in editing your record for inclusion into the Registry. I hope that we have provided enough information with each step, but here is a review of how this should work. Don’t FORGET, your Picture.
You need one when you were a young and spry beginner, and another when your mature and experienced. (That was a nice way of saying that)

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Feb 132015


These entries were made into our registry recently, and has become a regular occurrence of a deficit of information concerning the circumstances of the loss. Most of these are from the 1950’s, 1960’s . Knowing that, the time when there is someone who might have a recollection or an acquaintance that could share further is running out. If you can help with some information that is not all ready listed on the Internet, it would be of benefit.

Thanks    Henry  

Dana Reddish CDF Memorial Registry

John J. Lehre CDF Memorial Registry

Loyd Shellabarber CDF Memorial Registry

Stanely E. Smith CDF Memorial Registry

Paul F Wearing CDF Memorial Registry

Gerald Davis CDF Memorial Registry

Bruce Mecchi CDF Memorial Registry

Horace E. Lowrey CDF Memorial Registry

Edward McCafferty CDF Memorial Registry

Edward Simpson CDF Memorial Registry

Melvon Miller Memorial Registry

Wanda G Woods Memorial Registry

Foster Vernon CDF Memorial Registry

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Feb 012015

Looking for any additional information on Wanda for the registry. Where, what was her assignment, circumstances, any additional info, a picture. I am unable to find an obituary listing, so any help appreciated.

Wanda G Woods – Firefighter

Santa Clara Ranger Unit Fire On the Santa Clara Ranger Unit

Incident Detail

On 10/6/1965 firefighter Wanda Woods was fighting a fire on the Santa Clara Ranger Unit . She suffered a heart attack and died.

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Aug 262014

Hello all,
Recovering from Back Surgery- still a few kinks and physical therapy to go.
Looking for info on 2 more Memorial entries;

Sam Perona Hill Ranch Fire Firefighter 1953

Rudy Gaub Butte Ru 1949 Died while enroute to fire

If anyone can help me with some more details on these lost I will update the Memorial accordingly.



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Jun 062014

Trying to find information about the latest entry placed into the Memorial Registry;   Foster VernonHeavy Fire Equipment Operator  July 6, 1954    Sugar Loaf Fire    Calaveras RU .  I have not been able to even verify the reports of this fire, let alone the loss of life.  If you could contribute some information or know someone who could please send them our way.


Due to problem with the Museum Store Online Software we have upgraded the store to a better version.


Thanks to those who have started their entry in the History Registry.  Some of the best parts of the Registry are the pictures you can submit of what you looked like when you started.


As Always, we need folks who can contribute some time to assist us in research of the History of this organization.  For those that have access, are there some old pictures, records setting in some dark corner in your office that hold clues to past events of the Cal Fire Organization?  Help us by forwarding those documents and pictures to use for inclusion into the collection.

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Apr 162014

We have posted several new articles to share with you. We are staring with just a few entries in the Historical Registry. Thanks to those who have started their entries, but it seems when we are asked to “toot our own horns” it’s not as easy as it sounds.
So, next time your on the website, pick the “Browse Registry Records” menu and have a look at the following individual records, just to get an idea of what you can do here.

Glen, Jerry and Gilbert have histories posted with a significant amount of their recollections, pictures of their youthful appearance when they started and, well…. you will just have to read them for yourself! 😯

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Mar 212014

The Museum Store is now Online, we have a few items to offer, so look us over.

Patriotic CDF Cap

Patriotic CDF Cap

Check Out the Template for the CDF Employee History Registry This template has been updated  to be useful as a guide for you to organize your CDF Employee History in the Registry  Here

We have started our Memorial Registry List  See what’s Here  Now.  We are looking for volunteers editor/researchers in each unit to complete the listings and correct information we have.   Many of the Official Records are lacking in their content.
Volunteers need not be here in San Bernardino, just needs to have a computer connected to the Internet, basic  Microsoft office document editing skills and some experience with images.    If you are interested send us a note from the Contact Us page.

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