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CDF Registry Record


Welcome to my CDF/Cal Fire Registry History Page. My name is Joseph   Marek , and this is a short Historical perspective of my time with the organization.  My Training, Assignments, Calls, Incidents and Adventures that I recall as vivid memories.   My co-workers and friends often called me .

My First Assignment with CDF began in : 1961.    I Retired in :   1996

Assigned Work Locations :  

Greenwood Ranch, Napa, Gordon Valley, Brooks, St. Helena Sta. , Spanish Flat, Elk Camp, Trinidad, Alderpoint, Sky Londa, Belmont.


Favorite Assignments :  

Napa Schedule A and B, Yountville Schedule A, Gordon Valley. 


Most Interesting Calls :  

Promoting from Seasonal FF I to FF II in San Mateo County. Then to Fire Apparatus Engineer, and then to Captain. And retirement in 1996. 

The most memorable event was getting my transfer approved after returning from the U. S. Army in 1967 from Humboldt County back to Napa County in May of 1968. Never to leave LNU again, until retirement! And seeing the Dept. evolve over the years into what it is now! 


My thoughts about my time with CDF and some Comments for those considering  joining  CDF/Cal Fire :  

It was the best job, and career! While working with some of the smartest people that I’ve ever met. And they even paid us to do it too! I was VERY privileged to work with and to know them all!