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CDF Registry Record


Welcome to my CDF/Cal Fire Registry History Page. My name is Robert   Robeson , and this is a short Historical perspective of my time with the organization.  My Training, Assignments, Calls, Incidents and Adventures that I recall as vivid memories.   My co-workers and friends often called me Bob .

My First Assignment with CDF began in : 1960.    I Retired in :   1999

Assigned Work Locations :  

Lyons Valley, Valley Center, La Mesa, Flinn Springs,
Ramona, Monte Vista, Red Mountain, Orange County Headquarters, Julian, Morgan Hill, Morena CC, Puerta La Cruz CC.


Favorite Assignments :  

San Diego RU Forest Fire Stations: FF, FFTD, FC/
Dispatch: FC/,
Orange County RU: BC/
Santa Clara RU: DC,/
San Diego RU: Vegetation Management Program Forester Two/
Morena CC: DC/ Puerta la Cruz CC: DC


Most Interesting Calls :  

#1. I was shot in the hand by deer hunter while walking on the fireline during the Woodson Fire 1967, Ramona……..
#2. Three CDF employees and I were burned over by an unannounced “burnout” operation conducted by a USFS employee on Breckenridge Fire, Lake Ysabella, 1965.
We were supervising 60 Porterville “field workers” at the time. Extreme close call!…….
#3. Our Helicopter crashed just after we unloaded from it, on the same incident………
#4. Participated in an out of state fire assignment as Agency Rep., along with 25 CDF FC’s and 2 BC’s.
We went to Colorado to train an Army Company in 40 hour fire line construction and safety course; then spent 3 weeks with them on Warmlakes Fire Complex, Cascade Idaho.


My thoughts about my time with CDF and some Comments for those considering  joining  CDF/Cal Fire :  

I enjoyed every minute of my 38 years with CDF and still enjoy working with them.