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CDF Registry Record


Welcome to my CDF/Cal Fire Registry History Page. My name is Karl   Niemeyer , and this is a short Historical perspective of my time with the organization.  My Training, Assignments, Calls, Incidents and Adventures that I recall as vivid memories.   My co-workers and friends often called me nemo .

My First Assignment with CDF began in : 1973.    I Retired in :   1980

Assigned Work Locations :  

LT FAE at Kelsey Cobb in 1973

FAE at Clearlake Oaks from 1973-19                                                                          

Fire Crew Supervisor at Parlin Fork CC 1979-1980


Favorite Assignments :  

Clearlake Oaks FFS will always be my favorite job of all time as the crew was more like family. Carl Burton and Dave (Duck) Peterson Fire Captains

Gene Throop HFEO


Most Interesting Calls :  

Being trapped with two other engines in a brush fire off of Low Water Bridge on Hwy 16 in Colusa County Sept 1976 and making it out alive


My thoughts about my time with CDF and some Comments for those considering  joining  CDF/Cal Fire :  

I quit this great carreer because of a lousy marriage and was never told I had the option of taking a leave of absence



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