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CDF Registry Record


Welcome to my CDF/Cal Fire Registry History Page. My name is Tommie   Mobley , and this is a short Historical perspective of my time with the organization.  My Training, Assignments, Calls, Incidents and Adventures that I recall as vivid memories.   My co-workers and friends often called me Tom .

My First Assignment with CDF began in : 1975.    I Retired in :   2000

Assigned Work Locations :  

I started out in 74 as a seasonal Fire fighter Fresno Kings RU/Mid Vally.

1975 Full time Fire Fighter II/ LTFAE Stations 7-8-9-Sanger HQ-Millerton-

Worked one year in Placer county RU

Tuolumne, Calaveras RU Stations 51-Arnold st.-Twain Hart-Sanadraes HQ

Retired 2000.


Favorite Assignments :  

My Favorite would be Sta.51 and Arnold sta.


Most Interesting Calls :  

I suppose it would the Old Gulch Fire of August 1992. I lived just about 2 miles from the Arnold station. About 20 miles away, in San Anadreas, a fire started that took off like a bat out of Hell. After almost a week of fighting this thing, I am over at my house trying to keep the fire from getting to it. I don’t know how we did it but we were able to stop it on Hwy 4 just before it got to our house. Boy was I sweating it on that one. ┬áThe thing was, we had just moved there from Auburn 2 weeks before!


My thoughts about my time with CDF and some Comments for those considering  joining  CDF/Cal Fire :  

I had a great 25 years and lots of good and some not so good memories but I wouldn’t have picked any other profession or group of firefighters to work alongside.